All our products are in compliance with relevant standards and have valid technical approvals. We provide suitable declarations of conformity.

Type of product

Product complies with the requirements:

Backwater valves anti flood devices CE PN-EN 13564-1:2004
Universal connectors for drainage pipes Technical Approval AT/2005-02-1557
Sanitary drainage system PN-EN 1451-1:2001
Floor-drains PN-EN 1253-1:2005
Gutter flush system PN-EN 1451-1:2001 PN-EN 1852-1:2010
Sewer traps PN-EN 274-1:2004
Linear shower drains PN-EN 1253-1:2005
Chamber covers PN-EN 124:2000
Research and conceptual works carried out over many years have resulted in original solutions being patented and introduced into the market by us.


The following products are reserved In the Patent Office:

  • Universal connectors for drainage pipes
  • Backwater valves (non-return valves)
  • Pipe grips
  • Cleanouts with a strainer
  • Backwater valves Ø 50 in three versions (Anti flood devices)
  • Adjustable elbows
  • Multiple-lip gaskets
  • Double flap backwater valves
  • Flap valves
  • Gasket with a brass O-ring
  • Chromium - nickel protecting guards securing the flap and gasket against rats
  • Chamber covers
  • The chamber base with a backwater valve
  • Backwater valve for flooring installation
  • The universal backwater valve for chamber bases of various producers