ekologia karmat

Materials and ecology

KARMAT – Sanitary System Production Company


KARMAT Works is situated in a picturesque place surrounded by clean fields, meadows and old trees, where many kinds of wild animals and birds live. Our company since its beginnings really cares about the natural environment.
For over thirty years The Works has been processing only ecological polypropylene. The polypropylene we use is durable, resistant, non-toxic and safe for people and the natural environment. It does not emit any harmful substances into the air while preprocessing, so it is not dangerous for workers’ health nor for the users of the ready products, which are fitted inside our homes.


The manufacture processes are designed in such a way, that the waste is completely processed on site. Karmat Works have their own modern and efficient sewage treatment plant produced by the French company: Sotralentz. 
We try to save water by using a cooling system for moulds and production devices, which uses water circulating in a closed circuit.


We are really involved in the work on the grounds of our company – we maintain and care for the trees growing around our company. It is very important for us to save the particularly beautiful scenery around us. We aim not only at the environmental protection but also at creating its new values.